Scott Hardware

Mutate Repeat Infinity

His first release under the Hardware moniker, “Mutate” follows up on his 2014 cassette put out as Ken Park, “You Think About It Too Much”.  It further explores the Toronto artist’s connection with dance music, queer love and capitalism.  Available on cassette and digital formats.  


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“Sings” is the new EP from Montreal bedroom crooner SENSI. Songs catch quickly, with an in-your-ear intimacy, no strings attached. Romance you can afford. Palo Santo wafts past the pile of pulp novels. Simple, Unperformable Radio-Music. Call Anytime.


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Pat Jordache


Pat Jordache’s Steps springs from three years of labyrinthine sessions, building a state of the art studio, producing artists on his Banko Gotiti imprint and managing a sleazy dance club. Dark, playful, loosely honest, cynical and care-free, the record pulls from Eno, Plastic Soul, and Shep Pettibone. For all of its careful assemblage, Steps is an uncanny, accidental party record. LP available this spring on 140g vinyl and through major digital outlets. Steps is out on Banko Gotiti Records now.


Available on Vinyl


A collection of songs recorded on a laptop in various homes, basements, sheds, and practice spaces creating a “danse contact” between programmed synthetic sounds and real people hitting instruments. It’s 808 kicks with dingy guitars, sub bass and Wu-Tang snaps. The demo experiments have been stretched over studio tracks and given physical form in lightweight chrome and plexi. Enjoy a sensual experience of touch / sight / sound.


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Vesuvio Solo


Favors was recorded irregularly over the last three years, a treatment that is reflected in the album’s inconsistency of style. The songs are quietly subversive elaborations on classic pop structures, darkened by studio experimentation and a dynamic sonic palate. They are populated by unusual characters, and address themes of identity, meaning-in-love, and the effort to keep one’s sense of humor in the midst of change.


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The Group Sound

Romantic Notions

Romantic Notions (September 2014) makes room for a more diverse palette of sounds and gestures. While elaborating on the themes and voice of previous work the album documents a transitional period during which band members moved from Edmonton to Montreal. Produced and recorded at Israelson’s home studio, it includes a bonus demo produced by Mac Demarco at JIZZ JAZZ studios.


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